Have a look of recent pictures around Zermatt. They are not in order. Newest are always on top.  Check pictures on date taken. 


Information specially about mountaineering, freeclimbing, iceclimbing and outdoor activities around Zermatt, given to you from locals for movers.

UPDATE: Climbing/Gitterhang New climbs

UPDATE: Climbing/Hohflüe New climbing spot

October 2022

New Climbing Area "Gitterhang" one pitch (20m), easy to access by foot or bike. 

At your own risk "climbing and outdooractivities"

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That the idea of all information brought forward on this platform has "non commercial" background and is to be considered as informational use only. 

Every climber is taking his own responsibility to climb on the route-information given here. In general all pre installed equipment found on the climbing areas are not checked frequently and therefore it is up on the climbers own responsibility to use the equipment installed and informations contained in the "Topos" provided. 


This information platform has the idea to give all "movers" this information for "free".

What so ever, support is appreciated in hardware equipment (INOX bolts,Chains etc...)  and data (pictures, stories from the area etc.)