Riffelberg Express WI5 M6

Water Ice Mixed, second pitch

Third pitch

Third pitch

Final pitch.

Final pitch

Triple Theodul WI4+

"Brexit" icefall to the right

"Brexit" first pitch

"Brexit" Small sections of vertical ice.


"Big Ben" the middle icefall.

"Big Ben" first pitch

"Big Ben" second pitch 

"Big Ben" final pitch

Schweigmatten "Links" and "Rechts" WI3+

Overview from the meadow below.

Overview from the meadow below.

Final pitch of Schweigmatten "Links"

d, Mittle Eisfälle oberhalb Zermatt

Overview from Zermatt Village. It is about one hour hike up. 

Early sun. Cold temperatures needed. January.....

ds, Riischelzigji bei Täsch WI4+

Overview from the meadow below.

Second Pitch

Second Pitch

Second Pitch looking downward.