• Eschelbalmen with bike/foot
  • Graw Flüe with bike/foot
  • Dossen with bike/foot
  • Riffelhorn with railway/bike/foot
  • Gorner Flüe with railway/bike/foot
  • Gakihaupt with railway/bike/foot
  • Fluhalp with cablecar/bike/foot
  • Mattsand by car/foot

Zermatt in general

Zermatt is a car free town. Take along your 
bike /ebike, that will bring you easy to most area's. You can take your bike along on to the cable cars and railway locaded in Zermatt.


You are not allowed to camp outside the official campground, that is located down in the village itself. If you would like to do anyway, please ask the local community for permission.

Burgergemeinde Zermatt
Bahnhofstrasse 53
3920 Zermatt
Tel +41 27 966 67 60
Fax +41 27 966 67 69
[email protected]